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Meadows, Collier, Reed, Cousins, Crouch & Ungerman, L.L.P.

901 Main Street, Suite 3700
Dallas, TX 75202

Phone: (214) 744-3700
Fax: (214) 747-3732
Toll Free: (800) 451-0093

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87% of our attorneys
have one or
more of these tax
  • Board Certified in Tax Law*
  • Board Certified in Estate Planning & Probate*
  • LL.M. in Taxation
  • CPA License
  • Clerked for a U.S. Tax or Federal Court Judge
  • Law School Tax Professor
* Certification by the Texas Board of Legal Services
In Dallas and beyond
Our attorneys are hard to beat
George R. Bedell
George R. BedellView Bio
Mary E. Wood
Mary E. WoodView Bio
Stephanie K. Grissom
Stephanie K. GrissomView Bio
Alex J.  Pilawski
Alex J. PilawskiView Bio
Paul M. Budd
Paul M. BuddView Bio
Joel N. Crouch
Joel N. CrouchView Bio
Michael A. Villa, Jr.
Michael A. Villa, Jr.View Bio
Charles M. Meadows, Jr.
Charles M. Meadows, Jr.View Bio
Ryan C. Dean
Ryan C. DeanView Bio
Josh O. Ungerman
Josh O. UngermanView Bio
Brian J. Spiegel
Brian J. SpiegelView Bio
Jana L. Simons
Jana L. SimonsView Bio
Stephen A. Beck
Stephen A. BeckView Bio
Alan K. Davis
Alan K. DavisView Bio
William R. Cousins III
William R. Cousins IIIView Bio
Mark A. McMillan
Mark A. McMillanView Bio
Eric D. Marchand
Eric D. MarchandView Bio
Charles D. Pulman
Charles D. PulmanView Bio
Thomas G. Hineman
Thomas G. HinemanView Bio
Kristen M. Cox
Kristen M. CoxView Bio
Cody R. Gackle
Cody R. GackleView Bio
Jason A. Hendrix
Jason A. HendrixView Bio
David E. Colmenero
David E. ColmeneroView Bio
Damon  Rowe
Damon RoweView Bio
John D. Crowder
John D. CrowderView Bio
Patricia K. Dorey
Patricia K. DoreyView Bio
Annie E. McGinnis
Annie E. McGinnisView Bio
Anthony P. Daddino, P.C.
Anthony P. Daddino, P.C.View Bio
Michael E. McCue
Michael E. McCueView Bio
Cari B. LaSala
Cari B. LaSalaView Bio
Jeffrey M. Glassman
Jeffrey M. GlassmanView Bio
Damon  RoweSpotlightSee profile
Damon Rowe